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Media Center Hours

The Media Center is open Monday through Friday 8:30-3:30 unless otherwise noted.  Students are welcome to come to the Media Center during lunch periods, after school, and throughout the day with teacher permission.

Lunch Period Procedure

Students are required to obtain a numbered pass before coming to the Media Center.  Students must then sign in upon entering the Media Center.

Student Loans

Library books are loaned for two weeks. Students may choose to return or renew their book(s) before that time.

Overdue Books

The fine for overdue books is $0.05/day.  Fines allowed to reach $1.00 or more will be charged.

Lost or Damaged Books

The Media Specialist will make every effort to repair damaged books.  If the book can not be repaired or if it is lost, the full replacement cost will be charged.

Food and flavored drinks are prohibited.  Only water is allowed.

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